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World Leopard Seal Day

History & mission

World Leopard Seal Day was launched by LeopardSeals.org on the 1st of November 2021 in order to celebrate the species and start a movement that brings together people worldwide who are interested in and who advocate for leopard seals.

Specifically, we launched this day to: 

Why have a day dedicated to leopard seals?

What makes leopard seals so special? (in other words, why have a World Leopard Seal Day?)

As an apex predator in the ocean, these iconic animals are not only truly fascinating, but they are a ‘keystone’ species, that is they play a vital role in the habitat they live in. They are also an ‘indicator’ species, or a species that can tell us a lot about the health and well-being of an ecosystem.

Furthermore, leopard seals are considered an ‘umbrella species’, because if we can protect them, then all the species and habitat that are part of their lives should, by default, also receive some benefit.

While leopard seals have been described since the 1800’s, our understanding of them is still in its infancy. We are only now beginning to uncover the importance of regions outside of the Antarctic to leopard seals – such as New Zealand and Chile. We are yet to understand the threats they face throughout their range or understand how climate change, which is rapidly impacting ice cover, for example, is impacting them.

Get involved

Please help us fulfill our mission by taking part in world leopard seal day.

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