Supporters & Collaborators is grateful for the support and collaboration of the following people and organisations

Local Iwi Partners

We take kaitiakitanga very seriously and are grateful to have the support of many local iwi partners around the country.

“Manaaki whenua, manaaki tangata, haere whakamua”

If we take care of the land and take care of the people, we will take care of the future.


We are grateful for the support given by wildlife veterinarians when the need arises. Their expertise is greatly appreciated:

James Chatterton – Auckland Zoo
An Pas – Auckland Zoo
Jodi Salinski – The University of Auckland
Larry Vogelnest – Taronga Zoo

Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations

We would like to thank our local (non) governmental organisations for their help in recording sightings, responding to call outs, monitoring compliance and/or keeping an eye on leopard seals in their neighbourhoods:


Image by: S. Wilson