Launching Dodoland’s Leopard Seal EUGY

Dodoland is a company that sees a need to represent and share the stories of different animal species in a sustainable, fun, safe and educational way. They want to inspire children and adults about our wildlife and nature. From this “EUGY’s” were born – a world first invention, a 3D cardboard animal puzzle which aims to raise awareness of different animal species worldwide

Dodoland are an amazing company that are that they are motivated to give back to people and wildlife. They do so by partnering with various wildlife non-profit organisations, and we are very proud to say that Dodoland is LeopardSeal.orgs first sponsor. 

They have worked with us over the first 6 months of 2021 to design a special leopard seal EUGY in honour of Owha who has made New Zealand her home. To further support the species, they are launching their leopard seal EUGY on World Leopard Seal Day.

To purchase a leopard seal EUGY, please visit:, and they will donate 10% of all leopard seal EUGY sales to to continue our work on research, education and advocacy for leopard seals in New Zealand.

These animal crafts are designed in New Zealand. The range of EUGYs now spans 70 different species and they are available in stores in more than 30 countries worldwide.