The following are just some of the online articles about New Zealand leopards seals.

Scoop. Leopard seal sighted in Milford Sound.

Stuff. Leopard seal catches some sun.

SOTT. New Zealand rare leopard seal visit sparks safety warning.

Department of Conservation. Public should keep safe distance from leopard seal in Auckland.

Stuff. Seal visits eastern beaches.

Stuff. Lazing on a sunny afternoon.

Stuff. Leopard seal at Lyall Bay dies.

Stuff. Leopard seal at Lyall Bay dangerous. 

Stuff. Leopard seal makes surprise appearance.

Stuff. Antarctic leopard seal given a name as it makes Auckland her new home.

NZ Herald. Errant leopard seal changes its spots.

Stuff. Leopard seal spotted in Kaikoura.

Stuff. Seems a leopard seal cant change its spot. 

NZ Herald. Furry seal invaders hit Auckland for different reasons. 

Stuff. Leopard seal spotted on southland beach. 

Gisborne Herald. Leopard a rare visitor. 

Stuff. Leopard seal spotted at Long Bay Auckland. 

NZ Herald. Owha the leopard seal wows ferry commuters.

Stuff. Leopard seal surprises Auckland beachgoers. 

Stuff. Smiley leopard seal spotted sunbathing in Auckland Stanley Bay. 

Stuff. Tourists close encounter with leopard seal. 

Otago Daily Times. Lazy day leopard seal. 

NZ Herald. Rise in seals ashore sign of recovery: DoC

Gisborne Herald. Resting seals a no go zone.

Sun Live. Dangerous seal on mount beach. 

News Hub. Leopard seal seizes control of Wellington Beach.

Stuff. A leopard seal has been spotted on Wellingtons Titahi Bay. 

News Hub. Leopard seal makes Auckland Westhaven Marina home. 

NZ Herald. Warning to give leopard seal Owha a wide berth.

NZ Herald. Leopard seal lurking in Auckland Harbour five months after first spotted. 

NZ Herald. Leopard seal spotted holidaying at Mount Main Beach. 

Otago Daily Times. Marine animals visiting. 

Yahoo. City of seals warning posted after a leopard seal spotted in Auckland. 

NZ Herald. Remember 20m rule around wildLife, says DoC.