Leopard Seal Team

LeopardSeals.org is run by researchers who volunteer their time.  We saw a need for a dedicated location where people could get factual information about the leopard seals found around New Zealand.  Although claims are often made that this species is a ‘vagrant’ to our coast, the data we have collected presents a completely different story.

We work in collaboration with the Department of Conservation & NIWA towards our Mission Statement.

Dr Krista Hupman
Cetacean Biologist/Ecologist
NIWA (www.niwa.co.nz)
301 Evans Bay Parade, Greta Point, Wellington, NZ
Dr Ingrid N. Visser
Cetacean Biologist/Animal Welfare Advocate
Orca Research Trust & Whale Rescue
Northland, NZ


Research Team
LeopardSeals.org is grateful for the support of the following Team Members

Kimberly Matucci (MSc)
Marine Biologist & Research Assistant – USA
Alex Grabham (MSc)
Research Assistant – Wellington, NZ
Rick Bout
Research Assistant – Auckland, NZ
Nicola Roos
Research Assistant – Auckland, NZ
Tracy McKeown
Research Assistant – Kaikoura, NZ
London Fletcher
Student & Trainee Research Assistant – USA